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services provided at

Prompt Care, an Urgent Care facility,

are as follows, but not limited to:

Respiratory infections
Suturing/stapling and liquid adhesive for wound repairs
Sprains, strains and fractures
Motor vehicle accidents
Urinary Tract Infections
Rehydration therapy

Rashes, Poison Ivy, Eczema, Shingles
Elevated blood pressure
Breathing treatments
Asthma exacerbations

Headaches and migraines
Sore throats, Cold or Flu Symptoms
Bronchitis and Pneumonia
Sinus Infections
Food poisoning
Vomiting, Diarrhea

Mono and strep screens
Physicals: Immigration, school, sports,
FAA/DOT/DOE, pre-employment,
basic, camp and executive
Worker's Compensation

Acid Reflux
Seasonal allergies
Nose bleeds

Hepatitis/HIV/STD testing
In house labs: Cholesterol/PT/INR/
AIC/Thyroid panels
Laboratory services

Ear and eye infections
Childhood illnesses
Cuts, bruises and burns
Splinting and casting
GYN exams
Immunizations and Vaccinations

Lab & X-Ray Services at Prompt Care

Our experienced health care team is able to diagnose and treat everything from sprains, strains and broken bones to sinus infections, lacerations and migraines. With our in-house lab and xray capabilities, we can get you on the road to recovery quickly. Our providers work closely with your primary care physician to ensure the continuum of care, and provide the convenience of after hours care with minimal wait times. We are also able to provide you with specialist care for additional problems diagnosed during your visit with such specialties as neurology, gastroenterology, cardiology, pulmonology, and orthopedics to name a few.

For most tests, we can provide immediate results, however, for a select few specialty diagnostics, we will collect the sample in-house and forward to a reference lab for completion.

At Prompt Care, we offer on-site laboratory services

for basic tests such as:




Influenza A/B

Blood Glucose


10 Panel Drug Testing

Pregnancy - urine

BNP (testing for CHF)

Hemoglobin A1C

Cholesterol testing - lipid panel


All other laboratory testing for complete blood count, chemistry panels, all STD testing, PAP test, stool and urine cultures, wound cultures, liver function testing, Hepatitis testing, TSH level, drug level testing, alcohol testing, cardiac panel testing etc. are available. We draw blood for testing everyday of the week which is sent off-site. Blood sent off site for completion is usually resulted within 24 hours except on Monday (no lab pick up on Sundays). Cultures and other tests may take longer for results to return but we can advise you of the time frame.

At Prompt Care we offer the convenience of basic xray capabilities so we can immediately determine if you have a fracture, growth, other illness or injury that might be the cause of your problem. Our providers can suture and/or staple a wound, stablize a sprain, strain or fracture with splinting and/or taping right in our office or refer you to a specialist for additional testing or treatment if needed.

Should our provider determine that you need more extensive radiological services, we are able to arrange outpatient services for CT scans, MRIs, if medically necessary, Ultrasounds, and Doppler studies seven days a week with local imaging centers which makes a trip to the ER unnecessary in most cases.


We currently provide vaccinations for tetanus, meningitis, and chicken pox. Please call us if you would like a specific vaccination, and we will advise you as to whether it can be provided at our office or not. We are also able to perform TST also known as PPD testing on site.

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